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Interactive adventures to boost reading, language and social and emotional skills.


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Build skills today to conquer challenges tomorrow

Immersive stories that unfold based on your child's choices

With a mix of simple short stories and longer interactive ones, your child is invited to determine the story endings with a single click. Full of engaging audio and simple visuals to keep you focused while having fun.


Built by real experts, supported by University College London (UCL)

HappyYou is founded by Child Psychologist Dr Rosa Kwok and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Farhana Mann. Our world-class content team includes top-tier child psychologists, designers, Professors in literature, and writers including the author of Disney's Frozen 2 novelisation!


Everything in Chinese and English for a bilingual boost

Not only will your children build skills for life including confidence, handling emotions and facing their fears, all content is fully recorded and written in both languages. Challenging vocabulary is explained, so you learn new words while having fun


Perfect your pronunciation

Stories are read aloud by native linguists to give your kids the best listening experience. Narrators include Dr Farhana Mann herself (British English), and Dr Rosa Kwok (Cantonese). They are supported by professional actors and language teachers.


Personalised parenting advice

Parents can choose to consult experts Dr Rosa and Dr Farhana (and the team) for evidence-based, supportive advice and guidance. HappyYou supports the whole family.


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Simple plans that grow with you

Choose what's best for your family



  • Access to one interactive story in Chinese and English
6-Month package


  • 24 bilingual stories over six months (Chinese and English), including 8 interactive stories. A dynamic reading experience, with interaction enhancing engagement and learning for life. A new story released each week.
  • Pop-up definitions for challenging vocabulary (dual language)
  • One chance to consult experts Dr Rosa and Dr Farhana for parenting support
  • Unlimited access to all content for six months
12-Month Package


  • 52 bilingual stories over twelve months (Chinese and English), including 20 interactive stories covering a wide range of themes. A dynamic reading experience, with interaction enhancing engagement and learning for life. A new story released each week.
  • Pop-up definitions for challenging vocabulary (dual language)
  • Three opportunities to consult experts Dr Rosa and Dr Farhana for parenting support over the year
  • Expert meditation exercise to improve focus and sleep
  • Unlimited access to all content for the year

Frequently asked questions

Parents can choose from the 6- or 12-month plans, and are entitled to unlimited access to our services within the respective time periods.
All stories are available in Chinese and English and there is the option to see definitions of challenging words in both languages. You learn both language and life skills.
After payment, you will receive a ‘thank you' email that serves as confirmation of the transaction and provides you with the required login details. From the 22nd of July 2023 onwards, your child will receive a new story every week.
We accept payment by credit card or FPS (fast payment service). Our FPS code is 100171958 (note this is an FPS code and not a telephone number). Our HK-registered company name is HappyU Limited.
We have worked very hard to build experiences that bring enjoyment and value to your family. We recommend you please watch our ‘See How HappyYou Works' video, so you can be confident in your decision to purchase a plan. Please note that we do not offer refunds except for in exceptional circumstances (if you are unable to access the content for a prolonged period due to significant website bugs or defects). We ask for your kind understanding in this regard. Thank you.
For general queries about how the app works, please contact our team by email on A friendly member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can click the ‘get in touch' button below.
We recommend enjoying reading HappyYou's stories on a tablet (e.g. iPad) or computer for the best experience. The web app can also function on your phone, as long as you have a connection to the internet. You do not need to purchase any specialist hardware to use HappyYou.
No. There are no advertisements on HappyYou. It is a dedicated, safe learning space for your child.
No. HappyYou will support with you parenting advice, and coach you through difficulties you face. However, it cannot provide individual medical advice or offer specific clinical diagnoses. It is not a replacement for having a fuller assessment by a doctor or other health professional. If we recognise a need for further support, we will endeavour to point that out to you.
HappyYou is based in HK and the UK. Please kindly note that if paying in HK, when your payment is made, you may see a small charge of up to 30 HKD (3 GBP) for currency conversion.
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Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please chat to our friendly team by emailing

Meet our Founders


Dr. Rosa Kwok

Dr. Rosa Kwok is a child psychologist with over 12 years of research experience in early childhood education. She believes in discovering each child's unique potential through attentive companionship and endeavours to guide them through big emotions. Dr. Kwok has delivered more than a hundred speeches, parent lectures and training courses across the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China with widespread acclaim from parents and teachers alike. She understands that parenting is a journey (sometimes a challenging one!), which is why she aspires to be parents' trusted ally through those tougher moments in child-rearing. She believes in the potential of every family to build healthy habits with the right guidance and practice.


Dr. Farhana Mann

Dr. Farhana Mann is an award-winning medical doctor in London (for nearly two decades), Consultant psychiatrist and researcher affiliated with University College London (UCL). She is on a mission to help children and parents lead fulfilling lives by bringing evidence-based approaches to your family. As a respected scholar, Farhana has spoken internationally on mental health, wellbeing and innovation, and featured as an expert in media including the BBC, MTV and highly respected magazines and journals. She has published numerous highly-cited scientific papers in psychiatry. Dr. Farhana is enthusiastic about turning abstract social and emotional management skills into engaging songs, games and, of course, stories. As a former children's TV and radio presenter as well as a mother of three, she loves to sing and play the piano - and has a special talent for connecting with young audiences.


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